Cocobella Straight Up Coconut Water


Coconut water

pure natural coconut water

natural hydration

5 key electrolytes

no preservatives

zero fat

Made from the juice of young green coconuts, cocobella coconut water is naturally rich in five key electrolytes making it a great source of hydration and refreshment.

Our ‘straight up’ range can be enjoyed on it’s own as a natural refresher, blended into smoothies or used as an ingredient within delicious recipes. cocobella makes for an ideal healthy drink packed full of vitamins and minerals.

If you fancy something fruitier or a lighter alternative to fruit juice, replenish yourself with our fruit flavoured range! We add a dash of fruit to our ‘straight up’ coconut water for a delicious and refreshing experience. Read the benefits of drinking coconut water

With so many health benefits and an extraordinary flavour to boot, you’ll want to reach for cocobella Coconut Water every chance you can get!

There are so many amazing reasons why having a chilled glass of 100% cocobella coconut water is a great idea. Flavoured or straight-up, delicious cocobella coconut water is loaded with fantastic health benefits, giving you the best reason of all to try it!

Whether you drink it in the morning, at lunch time, the afternoon or late at night, cocobella Coconut Water tastes great and is so good for you. Our Coconut Water also contains 5 key electrolytes, no preservatives and no fat. Perfect on its own or blended into a smoothie, coconut water brings you a whole new way to stay healthy while you enjoy a delicious hydrating experience!

If you want to hydrate the healthy way, you need to drink cocobella coconut water: experience the superior health benefits of our pure, 100% coconut water today!

The benefits associated with drinking Coconut Water are numerous! Aside from containing several highly beneficial nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, it also carries antioxidants, hydrating electrolytes and is low in calories. Coconut water also contains lauric acid, which may assist in weight loss and has been shown to be effective in treating acne, psoriasis and inflammation. Containing 5 key electrolyes including potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorious, cocobella coconut water helps to replenish your body with natural hydration.

As a pure, 100% coconut water drink, cocobella coconut water should play a valuable part in nourishing your body with the amazing health benefits of coconut water. Research has shown that in general, coconut water may help to lower blood sugar; support the health of your heart; is a natural way to rehydrate your body with electrolytes after physical exercise; assists kidney function, aids digestion and contains essential vitamins and minerals that will give your body and immune system and metabolism the boost it needs.

cocobella coconut water offers you a refreshing taste combined with the knowledge that what you are drinking is also good for you! With so many incredible health benefits to offer, cocobella coconut water is the natural choice for your next, refreshing drink! Straight up or flavoured, you can enjoy the flavour and refreshment of cocobella coconut water at any time of day. What’s more, your body will thank you for choosing one of nature’s purest liquids as your next drink!

Try cocobella coconut water today and you’ll be amazed at the taste and the feeling that drinking pure, fresh coconut water can give you. To find out more about the benefits of drinking Coconut Water, click here.

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