Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt Natural 500g


coconut yoghurt


thick and creamy texture

live cultures and probiotics

free from gluten and lactose

vegan friendly

At cocobella, we source the best quality coconut straight from paradise where our coconuts are grown. These beauties are handpicked and pressed to create rich, velvety coconut milk, which we ferment with live yoghurt cultures and probiotics, crafting a yoghurt that’s thick, creamy, and naturally dairy-free.

cocobella coconut yoghurt is your go-to for a taste of tropical bliss, and can be enjoyed on it’s own as a snack, topped onto your breakfast, or as a versatile ingredient in your favourite recipes.

Join us in celebrating the pure joy of coconut and feel cocobetter.

Introducing cocobella coconut yoghurt: A Delicious and Nourishing Dairy-Free Option

Experience the taste of paradise with cocobella coconut yoghurt, crafted from the finest quality coconuts sourced straight from tropical havens. Our process begins by pressing the luscious white coconut to extract creamy coconut milk, which we then carefully ferment with live yoghurt cultures and probiotics. The result? A naturally dairy-free yoghurt that’s as indulgent as it is wholesome.

Delight in our Coconut Yoghurt on its own as a satisfying snack, elevate your breakfast by adding a dollop, or unleash your culinary creativity by incorporating it into your favourite recipes. This versatile ingredient offers endless possibilities.

But cocobella coconut yoghurt is more than just a taste sensation. Packed with probiotics, it boosts your immune system and promotes healthy digestion. Bid farewell to lactose intolerance and bid hello to guilt-free enjoyment. Our yoghurt is gentle on the stomach, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an alternative to animal milk yoghurts. Say goodbye to sacrificing your daily yoghurt fix and say hello to the delectable flavor and texture of our Coconut Yoghurt.

Nourish your gut and revitalize your entire body with the power of yoghurt. Don’t compromise on taste and texture when you switch to a plant-based option. cocobella yoghurt is naturally sweetened and packed with beneficial nutrients, offering a seamless transition from traditional animal milk yoghurts. It contains no lactose, ensuring easier digestion and a more enjoyable experience.

Prepare to be amazed by the smooth, creamy texture and delightful flavours that will please even the most discerning yoghurt connoisseur. Our Coconut Yoghurt is not only dairy-free but also a fantastic choice for vegans and vegetarians who crave a rich and velvety snack throughout the day.

Discover the superiority of our Coconut Yoghurt, a true coconut yoghurt sensation that will leave you craving more. Whether enjoyed at any time of day or incorporated into your daily routine, your body will thank you for making the switch. Embrace the incredible benefits of an all-natural, dairy-free yoghurt by trying cocobella coconut yoghurt today.

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